Monday, November 14, 2011

And Yet Another Slow Day

I went back to Beaver Dam today.  I first went down to Parker Bend (found out the name of it).  I get there, sit out on the sidewalk that goes out, and wait.  I am there about 30 minutes, and all of the sudden, an eagle, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME takes off.  I'm like are you serious??  I didn't see it at all.  I can usually spot these guys 10 miles away.  Oh well, he didn't fly off far, I could see him.  I sat there another 30 minutes, hoping he would do some fishing, never did.  So I finally just left.  Sat below the dam a few minutes, then went to my favorite spot.  Seen a juvenile in the tree, snapped a few pictures, I REALLY like this first one. It's extremely sharp.

Then in another tree there was this one, not a great pic, but worthy of posting I suppose

So not too great of a day again, but I do really enjoy that first juvenile picture.  Until next time!

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