Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not Many Good Shots, But Most I've Seen This Season

Well, when I made it to my first spot this morning, hopes were high.  I seen about 6 bald eagles right off the bat. They were all too far away.  Sad face.  So I continuted down the route, seeing 12 least.  They seemed to be flying a lot in the distance with a ton of hawks.  I've never seen so many hawks.  I'm bad at distinguishing the different hawks, so I'll just leave it at hawks, :)  I would count, and lose count, constantly, so I kept my count on the low end.  Just guessing, i probably seen about 20 on my route, but I don't want to push it.  I went back to the first spot again, as it's my favorite, and seen 5 more.  All together today, I kept my count at 23 because I know for sure there were at least that many.  Here is one scene that I see quite often in my favorite spot, there is this one tree that they flock to, pun intended.  .......

I talked yesterday about spotting the difference between a bald eagle and a buzzard.  Here is a couple of photos I took to try to help whoever may be reading this. The first one is a buzzard, you can see the arch of the wing

And this one is of course a bald eagle.  Don't just think that you can spot them by the white on the head and tale, because juveniles do not have this feature yet.  But notice the difference in wing shape.  It's one of the easiest ways to tell them apart.

As I was waiting for a few eagles to show up, I was amazed at all the hawks.  Here is one of my favorites I took of the day......

And I heard a little bird chirping, so I turn and see this little guy.  I like how his feet are on the limb......

Now for the only decent eagle shot I got all day........2 hours looking mind you, lol...........

Far from specatcular, but it'll have to do I suppose.  Thanks for reading


  1. Andy, great shots. I'm so excited about the eagles arriving. Anxious to make our first trip - may try to do that on Sunday morning. Keep on posting - the blog is great. Marilyn Sutton

  2. Andy, you always have great shots ;) can't wait for some more eagles!

  3. Thanks Marilyn and Tabitha, :D I may give it another week or two if possibly though Marilyn. They still aren't out heavy, although every day more and more are on my count. But you are sure to see some no matter if you come now or later for sure.

  4. Love the little guy.

  5. Wow, you're getting really good at these shots! I saw several bald eagles while I was hunting out on the Kings River last year just south of Berryville. Where did you take these pics?