Monday, November 7, 2011

First weekend out since the Bald Eagle return in Northwest Arkansas

Well, this weekend was the first weekend I really went out looking for Bald Eagles this year.  I had seen one on October 28th in Boxley, and then another on November 4th on my eagle route I take.  But this weekend they picked up a lot.  I seen 17 on Saturday the 5th, and 19 on sunday the 6th.  They were mostly flying around some chicken houses, too far away to get a decent shot, but I did manage to get these two.......

I'll start going out a lot more looking for these beautiful birds in the next few weeks.  Last year, I spotted over 1,000.  I would count every day, so of course, some many are the same bird, but never the same bird more than once on the same day.  Hopefully this year will be a lot more.  I'm seeing them a week early this year also, so that's a good sign for me, :)

I also got this 8 point on the road as I was driving down to the Romp Hole..........

Very bad lighting during this one, took many, one turned out ok.  It's the best buck shot I've gotten so far, so I'm happy with it.

As we were at the romp hole, my son went down to a little culvert area to mess around.  He came out, and said dad, look!  It was a small puppy.  She couldn't have been more than a 6-7 weeks old.  We went around the local houses asking if they, or if they knew of anyone, that had a dog that recently had puppies.  They didn't.  One man told me that he had heard a dog crying for about a week down at the river.  So obviously someone dumped her.  We recently had a puppy pass away, and all of us in the family took it very hard.  I had said I wouldn't get anymore dogs because of it.  But I just couldn't let this little girl fend for herself.  So we took her home. We named her Rompi after the Romp Hole where we found her.  She's a cutie.  Here is a picture of her......

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